About Digital Transformers

Digital HR Transformation projects tend to fail. The numbers in research vary, but a common figure is that up to 70% of initiatives don’t result in success.

Mature HR Cloud Solutions like Workday offer all you need to succeed from a technological point of view. Many organisations have accomplished their HR strategy through implementing new HR technology, so why do others fail?

It’s not the technology, stupid! Sufficient attention and care on creating a shared future HR vision and strategy is often lacking. Likewise organisations are typically not prepared to absorb the business change required to make full use of new technology. Embedding a digital mindset across your business is crucial to success.

Digital Transformers supports organisations that are in need of changing their people matters. Are you ready to Launch? Contact us for guidance to capitalise on your investments in digital HR transformation.

What do we offer?

Prepare the future state for your people

  • HR Maturity assessment
  • Define HR vision and strategic objectives
  • Define HRIS future state

Prepare your organization

  • Align on business goals
  • Create Buy-in from leadership
  • Prepare key stakeholders to embrace Digital Transformation
  • Define and get budget in place

Prepare future HR processes

  • Define future business processes, based on best practices
  • Perform fit-gap analyses with current state
  • Gather and include workforce feedback in your solution design
  • Select HRIS solution

Our Workday customers also rely on us for

Prepare and execute your project

  • Full Phase zero preparation
  • Prepare and educate your team on Workday
  • Internal Project Management
  • Internal support from skilled people
  • Support after go live
  • Continuous enhancement and release management

Prepare and analyze data

  • Defining data scope including integration and reporting needs
  • Automated tools to speed up data validation and processing
  • Normalising data for migration, including historical data

Reporting & Dashboarding

  • Analyze and build specific reporting needs
  • Launch pre-configured dashboards for a quicker adoption
  • Optimised and simple to the point reports to support business

Some Feedback From Clients

We would love to learn more about the challenges your organisation is facing and outline how we can help. To discuss further or to learn more about any of the above offerings, please do get in touch.

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